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Parallel Paradise


Youta "The Sun" Tada is an ordinary high schooler who dies and finds himself in a fantasy world where he is the only male. Can Youta survive in a world which has no resistance to him?

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DragonMaster 21:21 - 06/14/2018 Chap 42
ROFLMFAOOL this girl knows what she wants and is not above using physcial voilenc eot get. I've never seen someone so thristy before.
DragonMaster 00:16 - 09/30/2018 Chap 58
Hot damn but they be thirsty! 12 hours, that's an enviable amount of stamina.
Aditya Hasputra 23:41 - 11/28/2018 Chap 61
the doctor must be genius put him into the 5th floor again while his problem was because of jumping out of the window
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